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Humans have never had it so good. The information at our fingertips is unprecedented. But it can get drowned out in an endless glut of noise. It's getting harder to read things – and write things – that actually matter. That’s why we’re building Medium.

Our mission is to move thinking forward on the urgent issues shaping today and the next 100 years through honest, reflective conversation. We’re looking for teammates who are galvanized by this challenge, who dare to root for the underdog, who are deeply thoughtful and empathetic, and who love that words still mean something. Sound like you? We’d love to talk.

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Medium celebrates diversity in people, backgrounds, and life experiences. For instance, our founder co-created two of the most transformative tools for sharing ideas online, Blogger and Twitter. Our head of user services was once the lead singer of a popular band (and brought the drummer to work at Medium, too). One of our designers can lecture for an hour about the finer points of Polish typography. We also have quite a few outdoor explorers, podcast fanatics, amateur chefs, and inspiring mothers and fathers who balance leadership with parenthood.

A mindful place to work

How we operate

We’re building a company, not just a product. That means we put a ton of thought into how we structure, how we interact, and how we build. Experimentation is encouraged at Medium, and we do it a lot. Sometimes we don’t get things right, and that’s okay too. Failure is seen as an opportunity for growth.

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How we grow

At Medium, you aren’t constrained by your job description. There’s room for you, and your ideas, to breathe. We empower people to draw on their own experience and knowledge to make decisions for themselves.

We get a lot of questions about our organizational structure and whether we have managers. We’ve moved beyond Holacracy, and we definitely have managers. Each team member gets personalized 1:1 coaching and mentorship to help them grow and achieve what they want in their careers. This post offers some insight to where we are now, and we're always happy to chat more about how we organize.

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